The ProtoCentre 999. Rugged. Repeatable. Reliable.

Presenting the ProtoCentre 999 desktop 3D printer. A workhorse serving the country since the 3D printing revolution started!

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Behold the Aha Star!

With great pride we present to you India’s largest and most technologically advanced 3D printers – the Aha Star series. Proudly Made in India!

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Applications and Case Studies

3D printing Applications

3D printing Applications

Read on to discover applications on how Aha3D delivered a quantum of value to the Industry using 3D printing.

Download the 3Dp applications and services booklet

Aha3D for medical applications

Aha3D for medical applications

Aha3D has been working with the medical fraternity for a long time. Read on to discover the success stories achieved in medical applications with the use of Aha3D machines for 3D printing.

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Greenstar Research

Greenstar Research

Greenstar Research works in the field of LED lighting, and got immensely benefitted with the large format 3D printers custom made for them and supplied by Aha3D. Read the case study to find out more.

Download Greenstar Research Case Study

Bhoumik Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

Bhoumik Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

Read how Aha3D helped Bhoumik Ventures in providing product choices to customers prior to placing a bulk order.

Download Bhoumik Ventures Case Study

Genus Power Infrastructure Ltd.

Genus Power Infrastructure Ltd.

Read on to discover how Aha3D helped Genus bring immense value to their prototyping processes.

Download Genus Power Case study


Meet the people who bring Aha3D to you!



Engineer- Mech Design and Development

Divyanshu is a pixel-culminate Graphic Designer who takes incredible pride in developing dazzling designs. A Mechanical Engineer passed out from MNIT accountable for working with a team of in house planners and developers to flourish innovative materials from ideas to conclusive fine art.

Being a district level Sport Champion, flexible and Multi tasking in nature, he possess meticulous attention to detail with High Energy Levels. Proficient in both Designing and CNC  based skills, he is excellent in driving mouse on Onshape and Solidworks and also has hands-on-experience in various designing softwares such as  Auto-Cad, Hypermash, ANSYS Pro-E, CATVIA V5, AutoDesk (Inventor, Fusion- 360 and HSM) etc.

Get in touch with him here



Lead – Software Design and Development

Having an experience of 10+ years developing software for various platforms, Deepti possesses a rich experience in python, C/C++, web-app development and Linux core software, and has written software for telecom Industry and embedded devices prior to her current role. She leads the software design and development of Aha3D machines.

In her free time, she enjoys exploring the spiritual aspects of living, including meditation and yoga.

You can get in touch with deepti over email.




Aakash, the founder of Aha 3D Innovations, describes himself as a curious guy with a tooth for logic, and sufficient perseverance. He has steered Aha 3D on the path of sustained technology leadership right since its inception.

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He graduated from NIT Jaipur in 2002 with a Gold medal in Electronics and Communication Engineering, and worked for several renowned firms prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur. He started his career with C-DOT, and later worked with Mentor Graphics, and then an award
winning Indian startup called VNL.

Over this period, he worked on development of products requiring multi-disciplinary knowledge and coordination between International teams. The career path chosen ensured for him ample exposure to all aspects of high technology product development. With this diverse experience, he
emerged as a product architect, equipped with the necessary technologies and soft skills essential for success in his next phase of career as a high-technology entrepreneur.

During the moonlighting sessions on his hobby projects, he became painfully aware of the limitations of conventional mechanical prototyping. This was in 2009, and when he first got in touch with the reprap project (, he was introduced to the magic of 3D printing.
The assessment of its huge potential, coupled with his vision and of the technology’s future in India, happened to be the trigger point for him, and he took up full-time entrepreneurship from August 2011.

You’re welcome to connect to Aakash via:

Aakash’s email

Aakash’s Phone

Aakash’s LinkedIn page

Aakash’s Facebook page

Production team

Production team

The Production Team

Meet the boys – Mangal, Rakesh, Govind and Suresh!

Always eager to convert the next big thing from idea to reality, Aha3D’s energetic production team is always on the job. Right from the moment the design team releases the blueprints, the Aha Production team plans out the realization and tirelessly gets on the job to create the next big thing. The most interesting part of their job is, to be the actual people who give birth to Aha3D’s products! It won’t be an overstatement to say that Aha3D won’t be what it is, if not for these wonderful guys!



Lead – Elec Design and Development

Dinesh is an Electronics graduate, and is around for almost as long as the company itself! Over his deep association with Aha3D, he has fundamentally contributed to almost all aspects of the company and its products.

Currently he is heading the Electronics and Electrical design and development aspects of the 3D printers.

You can get in touch with dinesh here.

Akshay Sharma

Akshay Sharma

Engineer – Mech Design and Processing

Akshay prides himself to be a continuous learner, an opportunity which he amply finds at the work at Aha 3D. A mechanical engineering graduate from Arya College of Engineering, he possesses in-depth knowledge of mechanical design concepts, and has won awards at various college level contests. Being a 2nd Runner-up in National Level Go-Karting Championship and a key member of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), his key strength lies in learning new concepts and using them in his daily job of design and development of new Aha products.

His typical day involves brainstorming on new ideas, building knowledgebase of theoretical and practical knowledge of various designs, weighing on their pros and cons and proposing the best design for company’s products. The most satisfying aspect of his job, in his own words, is the fast-paced learning triggered by customer requirements, and the necessity to translate theory to real-world applications. Look for blog pages written by him for more insight into his learnings!

In his free time, he likes to Watch educational stuff and gather knowledge about super cars. His interest also includes Driving, Automobile Designing, and working on engine and transmission of vehicles.

Akshay can be contacted anytime here .



Head – Admin and 3D printing services

Kaushal is in the Aha3D team since 2013, and takes care of any and all admin and finance related work. Over time, she developed an interest in 3D printing and decided to give 3D printing services a shot. To our delight, there were many more ready takers for 3D printed parts than there were for 3D printers, so Aha3D’s own tiny 3D printing services wing took off. Under the able management of Kaushal, we’re now offering customers 3D printing services of upto 1 cubic meter sized parts from our latest printers!

You can get in touch with Kaushal via:

Writing to her over email

Kaushal’s phone no



Operations of Cervical Region are very Critical, where sub-millimeter errors can cause paralysis or death of the patient. Medical models produced by Aha3D machines are excellent in accuracy and quality, and we are able to perform difficult operations conveniently.

Dr. Rashim Katariya, Department of Neurosurgery, SMS Medical Hospital Jaipur

Dr. Rashim Katariya, Department of Neurosurgery, SMS Medical Hospital Jaipur

We have been using the Aha 3D printer at the AKFD studio for a variety of applications and have found the machine to be very practical and sturdy, especially given the rough usage that it is subjected to.

Ayush Kasliwal, Director, AKFD Studio

Ayush Kasliwal, Director, AKFD Studio

We are using a ProtoCentre 999 3D printer since 2014, and are extremely satisfied with its performance. The machine is transported frequently over long distances for conducting workshops at various AMSI chapters, and it always performs reliably. The Aha3D team has done justice to the “Made In India” tag, and we wish them all the best for the future!

Jyothish Kumar, President – Additive Manufacturing Society of India

Jyothish Kumar, President – Additive Manufacturing Society of India

The Aha3D team worked very closely with the Industry to define, develop and mature the ProtoCentre 3D printers. They have very well understood the demands of the industry and meet most of our needs of an Industrial 3D printer. These machines cost 1/6th that of an equivalent US-made machine, both to procure and run.

Bhupesh Upadhyay, Chief Manager R&D (Mech), Genus Power Infrastructres Ltd.

Bhupesh Upadhyay, Chief Manager R&D (Mech), Genus Power Infrastructres Ltd.

About Aha3D

Download Aha3D company profile here.


Aha 3D ( was founded in 2010 with a mission to carry out fundamental development on 3D printing technologies, and to serve as a platform for high technology indigenous research in this area. Certified for quality under ISO 9001:2008, Aha3D machines are uniquely evolved to bring true value in the Indian context, while offering globally competitive features.

The core strength of the company is in-house design and development speacialization on all aspects of machine design, including embedded firmware, application software, core electronics and mechatronics. All the machines are fully designed in-house, and manufactured in India by our complementary network of manufacturing partners. In addition, the company has a matching external consultants network in place, which ensure essential aspects like design for optimum manufacturability, ergonomics, and human factors of the machines.

Continual Innovation

Aha3D Technology Roadmap

Aha3D has continuously pursued innovation as a part of its DNA, and launched several innovative 3D printers regularly since its inception.

Research Collaborations

Aha3D is in collaboration with renowned research bodies for development of key technologies in 3D printing space. This section lists some of the collaborations.

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Aha3D is the member of the SMART foundry 2020 consortium being convened by Dr. B. Ravi, IIT Bombay.

Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur

Aha3D is engaged with MNIT Jaipur at various levels for technology development in the field of 3D printing.

Engineering Staff College of India

Aha3D is the preferred technology partner for the Engineering Staff College of India, Hyderabad to promote indigenous Additive Manufacturing realted activities.

Aha3D Presence

Installation base of Aha3D

The company has a pan-India presence through their distributor and customer support network including 3D Foregoer.

Aha3D machine users include several prestigious organizations like DRDO, ISRO, IITH, DST (Rajasthan), JCB, Adobe Systems, Geometric Limited, and several NITs.

The company boasts of launching India’s first fully-indigenous 3D printer in 2012, and the first dual extruder soluble support 3D printer in Oct 2013. The present product line fulfils various requirements with fused plastic deposition 3D printers. The offerings include Desktop, Industrial and custom build size 3D printers. The features set of machines include cutting edge features like network monitoring and control, advanced self diagnostics and remote maintenance of machines.

Going forward, the company plans to continue indigenous research and development of 3D printing domain, and catering to the upcoming requirements with cutting-edge technology and local market know-how.


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