Joint Replacement Surgery Using 3D Printed Model


A 41 Years old lady suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis came to Dr. Dheeraj, Specialist in orthopedic & Joint replacement surgery. This being a very complicated case of fused joints, CT Scan of the patient was just not enough. Doctors needed a complete view of the pelvis to plan the hip replacement surgery.


A 3D printed model, based on the patient’s CT scan, was required by the clinical team to help plan for surgical intervention. So They contacted Aha! 3d team and discussed the whole scenario with them.

Dr. Dheeraj with the 3d printed model


Aha! 3D team analyzed the complexity of the case and created a 3D model of the patient’s pelvis revealing all the necessary details about the joints. So patient needed both hip replacement which was clear after seeing the model. Therefore, Two surgeries were scheduled within a gap of 4 days.

Pre operation CT Scan 

It was the day of first surgery, 25th September 2019. Because of receiving the model a few days before the surgery, Doctors got quite a time to plan their cuts so as to reduce the risk associated with these type of complex cases. Surgery was successful.

“This 3D model generation procedure is easy for surgeons because we just have to give the DICOM file to the Aha! 3D person and they will prepare the model within a single day. Also these 3D printed models hold special use in these type of joint replacement cases.”

– Dr. Dheeraj Dubay, Joint replacement Surgeon.

28th September, 2019 was the day of the second surgery. During the surgery both joints were replaced by implants to make the fused joints mobile. Now, the patient is completely fine and able to walk easily.

Post operation CT Scan


Click here for the complete video of the case.

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