Plastic Surgery using 3D Printing


A 45 Year old male patient, suffering from tumor in the mandibular area was admitted to Plastic Surgery Department of SMS Hospital, Jaipur.


Pre- Operation condition of the Patient


Now the patient needed complete removal of the tumor so that the doctors can reconstruct the mandibular region using free fibula bone. Furthermore, This being a very complex case of jaw tumor, doctors needed a 3d model to plan the osteotomy before the operation.

3d printed model of the patient’s mandible before surgery



Doctors used the model to measure their cuts. Therefore, The doctors were fully equipped to plan the complete surgery beforehand thus saved a significant amount of time during the surgery.

Aha 3D team digitally reconstructed the mandible of the patient and provided to the doctors. So, Doctors used the corrected mandible model to determine how much fibula they need for replacement.

Digitally Reconstructed Mandible of the Patient

Dr. Samarth Gupta, Department of Plastic Surgery, SMS Hospital, Jaipur

3D printing not only helps us save time but also gives us accurate measurement for Reconstruction.

– Dr. Samarth Gupta

OT Pictures

Click here for the complete video of the case by Dr Samarth Gupta.
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