Why the name Aha?


I get this asked often enough: “What’s the story behind the name Aha 3D?”. Some people think it is an abbreviation of something, and several understand it in varying shades of the right idea. So after seven years and numerous times of winging and fielding it extempore, here’s writing stuff down for the records, clarity, and future reference 🙂


Pinning down the meaning of Aha


Here’s an attempt to capture my understanding of Aha, and why I named the company after it.


Starting with the customary dictionary meaning;


US /ɑˈhɑ, əˈhɑ/
used to express pleasure at suddenly understanding or learning the truth about something.

– the Cambridge English Dictionary


Indeed, Aha is not even a word in the traditional meaning of the term. It is more of an unword. An exclamation. A noise. An attempt to convey something beyond words. Aha is an expression of what you experience, when you get something for the first time, from precognition to cognition. When a new concept ‘snaps in place’ in your experience, and you suddenly make sense of it!


Wiktionary notes it as “an exclamation of understanding, realization, invention, or recognition.”
Expressed concisely, but in different terms.


Aha moments signify flashes of progress in our consciousness, a process of continuous discovery which, imo, is the purpose of human life. It is the soft-focussed event with mindfulness as backbone, which happens before words happen. And before the new knowledge becomes a commodity for the mind.


Aha signifies the transition from what we don’t know to what we now know, or from what we don’t know what we don’t know to what we now know what we don’t know.


Trying to explain the last para pictorially, say if we express all the knowledge in this universe, and slice out what we know (green), what we know that we don’t know (red), and the remaining of it, we can make it into this pie chart:


The circle of all the knowledge in this world


In this, ‘Aha!’ happens when our green or red zone expands.


Interesting things about Aha


Aha means the same in all the languages and cultures of the world. You can’t go wrong with Aha, unlike with some other words. I won’t put examples here, but you know what I mean 😉 …when things go entirely south from what the creator wanted to express!


Before I started the company, and before I figured out that it will be about 3D printers in such a big way, I knew that the company will be a platform to do ‘Aha!’ stuff. So, the name ‘Aha’ was frozen well in time 🙂


A few lines about Aha 3D


Aha3D exists for the sheer joy of creating, sharing and inspiring the ‘Aha!’ moments.


At Aha3D, our agenda is to figure out stuff so ‘no idea should ever die in the mind’.


At Aha3D, we are not ‘electronics’, or ‘mechanical’, or ‘computer science’, or whatever else engineers. We are just ‘Engineers’. Nature doesn’t put those boundaries. We neither. The task at hand defines what needs to be learnt to do it. We don’t fixate on tools. We do what it takes to get the job done.


At Aha3D, we work for the love of dreaming, creation, learning and putting together knowledge and engineering effort to bring an idea to life.


(Some lexicon courtesy: Mindfulness in plain english, The Landmark Forum, and other sources too mixed up to name)


Title picture courtesy:

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