Notes on Experiencing the Reality

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“Don’t think. See.”

– Bhante Gunaratna.


It is impossible to think our way through disentangling the mind. Seeing. Seeing is necessary, and sufficient. Indeed, it’s absurd we’re not seeing already. How ironic we get hung up in the sterile mental processes, and not see and understand from the facts that exist right here.

We are working to realize something, not superimpose any intellectual crap. It doesn’t matter how holy the source of the crap is. I wasn’t able to get this fact for several years during the inner explorations. So, while meditating, when faced with an intense pain, I would put all energy in diverting the attention anywhere else; in trying to tune it out of experience! Or to slather ‘impermanence’ sweet-shit over the top, jaws clenched. Save yourself the time. When the intense sensation comes, get straight INTO it! Your body won’t explode. You will live to tell the tale. It can’t harm you. How exactly to do that? The best instructions I ever found are given by Bhante G, in the chapter on “Dealing with Problems”, section on “Physical Pain”. Page 60 in this book here.

We are working to retrain ourselves out of the unwholesome habit patterns of the subconscious mind, which is our real bondage, and not to have some wonderful next-level experience. The experiences are the tools, and not results by themselves. Any experience is as good as any other experience, for what its worth. The present moment’s experience is the truth. So we notice it very carefully, and follow through, let it be. With an intent to realize how it works, its texture, its cycles, and its interconnection with other events in the reality landscape. The subconscious automatically changes for the good once we actually notice the facts.

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