My ‘Start Here’

Hi! Great to have you here! Here’s the context on the ‘inner space’ posts that you’ll find here on this blog.

A student’s disclaimer

I’m a (very curious) student of this deep, vast and exciting realm of inner reality.

The intention of writing stuff down is to keep a public-personal blog, and to document the journey, exploration, notes and resources. I also hope to connect with people of the same wavelength.

Assuming there is progress, a side-thought is, these notes will be useful later as memoirs. Normally it happens that when we reach an advanced level of anything, some points become too trivial and obvious, and hence get lost. But they are important nonetheless. So the best idea is to document as I go, when the points are still novel, and not having to sit down and try to recall a twenty years old experience.

It’s on the Internet. It must be true.

Author Unknown

This is exactly how seriously I suggest you take my writings on meditation. Zilch is how I qualify as a speaker on this topic. What I share is 100% true from my perception, but qualified in the given time, at my given level of present experience, from the vantage of my point-of-view, unconsciously modulated by my specific surroundings and stimuli till date. You know what I mean.

It is more of a peer-to-peer talk. I’m hoping this stuff will be useful. I’m just posting what has been terrifically useful to me, and what useful stuff (imo) comes to the mind from time to time.


The content will make direct sense if you’ve been exploring meditation yourself, more particularly in any of the traditions originating from the Buddha’s teachings. I’ve been primarily working with Goenka Ji’s method, keeping the exploratory approach in place. More on the first blog below.

Also, before you ask, I’m not planning this on pious ends. Neither do babajis and holy gurus attract me as a concept. It is meant to be 100% fact-based. An exploration based on truth; unbiased and scientific. The babaji perception, if it exists, is just unfortunate, and meant to be kept away from this space.

Chronology / index

Dreamer, doer, maker-turned-leader. Former electronics nerd. Passion driven, for good or for bad. A dabbler in spirituality. Moved on from independence to interdependence. Moved on from label-based identification to creating key value, in whatever format possible.