Turning Forty: First Updates

Here’s this post’s background.
Two weeks are over since the innings started. So, first off, this is how the day sheet is looking:

The days colour sheet, at the end of two weeks

It isn’t textbook perfection, but I’m reasonably happy about it. Infact, it is the best streak I’ve ever had in my life so far, as far as meditating for two hours daily is concerned!
The green ticks are a motivation for sure. I have broken mould to earn it more than a few times over the last couple weeks.
About not yelling at people and stuff, there is definitely a relative peace inside, so I hope it might be reflecting. I’ve been yelling too, but well. Actually I’m not qualified to answer this question myself. Maybe better things will manifest over time if things are going right. Let’s just hold on.
The next milestone is at the six weeks mark. Will keep posted.


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