Few Steps Closer!

Hello gentlefolk! Happy to share that things with the 3D megaprinter are progressing for good 🙂 (this post is in continuation to this post. Feel free to catch up while we wait.)
First for some interesting updates. Friends and colleagues in the industry have decided to call it the Baahubali 😀 (translation in sense – the powerful one; the larger-than-life one. Literally, “one with powerful arms”)
Thanks for your love and encouragement. A shout out from everyone here at Aha (and the mystery owner of the Baahubali)! On with the updates now:


The first Z arm gets assembled


The Z-pillar, ready to receive parts

The Z-motion block comes home!

This motion block above has taken up three days more than planned.

The gunmetal bushes were machined in a partner workshop. And they took a wrong reference for its internal diameter, and it ended up about 0.5mm smaller. So, sixteen parts had to be re-machined before this day could come. Not as bad as having to do the entire parts, so okay.

Mounting the casted parts and the machined plates

Miscellaneous parts getting assembled. You can see a HIWIN ball screw, almost sixteen feet long 🙂 We waited four months only for this guy to reach us.


The z pillar sitting happy and assembled

There is a goof-up story with the gear-box and coupling too, somehow the CAD drawing of the gearbox was different than the actual part. And, feels bad to confess, but we didn’t catch this fact in the part acceptance stage. So, when the gearboxes actually arrived, they didn’t fit the rest of anything. We had to get the couplings reordered, and redo some parts. Things are back on track now.

We are still maturing as a process-oriented company. It’s longer and way more important than I initially realized. The perpetual tussle where our enthusiastic part wants to keep taking new challenges, and prudent part wants to freeze things so stuff can mature. Can we get the best of both worlds!? We need mature processes AND continuous product innovation.


The electronics has started breathing

The panels are almost done getting wired up, and undergoing testing now!

The machine has three panels – the main kiosk, the drivers panel and the heaters panel.


The main kiosk


The heater panel


The drivers panel

We’ve been using Panasonic servos before, but none so large!

Here’s a small clip rotating the four Z motors:


First rotation of the four Z motors in tandem

Until next time!

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