Founder, Aha3D

He graduated from NIT Jaipur in 2002 with a Gold medal in Electronics and Communication Engineering, and worked for several renowned firms prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur. He started his career with C-DOT, and later worked with Mentor Graphics, and then an award winning Indian startup called VNL.

Over this period, he worked on development of products requiring multi-disciplinary knowledge and coordination between International teams. The career path chosen ensured for him ample exposure to all aspects of high technology product development. With this diverse experience, he
emerged as a product architect, equipped with the necessary technologies and soft skills essential for success in his next phase of career as a high-technology entrepreneur.

During the moonlighting sessions on his hobby projects, he became painfully aware of the limitations of conventional mechanical prototyping. This was in 2009, and when he first got in touch with the reprap project (, he was introduced to the magic of 3D printing.
The assessment of its huge potential, coupled with his vision and of the technology’s future in India, happened to be the trigger point for him, and he took up full-time entrepreneurship from August 2011.