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ProtoCentre 999

Meet the workhorse!

The ProtoCentre 999 Desktop 3D printer is segment’s first indigenous Industrial grade desktop 3D printer. Every part built to exacting standards with precision CNC machines, the 3D printer delivers to you exceptional quality prints, repeatably and reliably. The all-metal chassis ensures vibration free operation of the machine, and practically 100% repeatability in printing. The H-bot drive and precision linear guide rails mechanism ensure minimal maintenance.

The machine offers a fully usable 9 x 9 x 9 cubic inches build volume. Features like heated bed capable of reaching excess of 125 degrees C, and a fully enclosed build volume ensure that you can actually print objects in engineering thermoplastics that make full use of the remarkable build volume the machine offers. No wonder this printer has found a home at numerous elite organizations in India.

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Build Volume

Featuring a large 9 x 9 x 9 cubic inches (230 x 230 x 230 cubic mm) build volume, the 3D printer gives you a great working area for realizing your creations.


Built to handle true Indian conditions, its unique PrintProtectTM feature ensures that if power fails during a print, the machine pauses, and resumes from the same location where it left when the power is restored. This means that the machine does not require any special conditions for operation. (hack: users also use this feature to pause the print for indefinite periods of time, e.g. over weekends!)

Dual Extruders

The ProtoCentre 999 features dual all-metal e3d extruders, which are well-known for their reliability, precision and performance. You can use the two extruders for main, support, or dual colour prints.

Choice of Materials

With an option to use two materials simultaneously in the same print, you can choose to use ABS main + HIPS support, PLA, dual material composites or dual colour materials.

Fully enclosed build volume

The ProtoCentre 999 features a fully enclosed build volume which is passively heated to upto 60 degrees C, and which gives excellent results with even the most challenging plastics. In fact, the ProtoCentre 999 is known for its prowess in getting best quality ABS prints!

Heated build platform

The ProtoCentre 999 features a heated build platform, which can attain temperature upto 125 Degrees C. This is sufficient to reliably 3D print all kinds of plastics and ensure proper bed adhesion.