3D Printing of the Q-Car

Happy to share a significant milestone with the Megaprinter – we 3D printed a 1:1 scale EV titled Q-Car, a name affectionately given to the electric vehicle concept designed by WUD, which is currently on display at the Auto Expo 2020 (Greater Noida) till 12th February. This is arguably the first made-in-India 3D printed car concept at 1:1 scale.


Duration of print: 5 days

Weight of 3D print: 450kg

Overall dimensions: 2500mm (L) x 1600mm (W) x 1600mm (H)

Technology: Layered deposition

Input material: Natural PETG pellets

The design comes from the World University of Design, Sonepat and is executed in association with Banker 3D Works, Ahmedabad.

The Design

The vehicle is designed by WUD. Read the philosophy and inspiration behind the design in the footnote.

The 3D print

The part is built on the Aha Star 9CBM 3D printer, manufactured by Aha 3D and commissioned by Banker 3D works. Read more about the printer here.

Following is the image gallery with notes, taken during the execution of the project:

The passenger cabin being 3D printed –


Experiencing the CAD model at 1:1 scale 🙂 … The designers of the vehicle Mr. Prabhat Tiwari and Mr. Ankit Soni from WUD being the first users of the 3D print hot off the build plate!

A view of the machine, alongwith some vehicle parts:

The doors and the cabin:

And here is the main panel:

The happy faces:

On Display at the Auto Expo

And for the moment which makes it all worthwhile!

Another angle:

Post-processing was performed on 50% of the vehicle later on, to exhibit the comparison.

Closing notes

It was a thorough joy executing this project with Dr. Sanjay Gupta‘s and Mr. Amit Banker‘s teams. I’ll save the behind-the-scenes story for a later date, but in a nutshell, we always felt a pang of being short of expectations, when despite being an indigenous R&D house, we’d use pics of 3D printed cars made abroad to vicariously demonstrate the power of 3D printing to audiences. Now, we can proudly use made-in-India photos for the purpose!

If you’ll like a huge 3D printer to add in-house prototyping capabilities of this scale, we from Aha3D will be happy to talk! For prototyping services of this magnitude, Banker 3D works are your go-to people. Read the footnote for more information. Looking forward to have your comments and encouragement!


Philosophy and design inspiration of the vehicle courtesy WUD:

The name Q is derived from the word KYON? Which means why? Which is the word we ended up using every time we questioned an existing arrangement and tried to find a solution out of the box? Our design should be an answer to all the questions. This became our context and we decided to use the letter in our design. If you see the design of the vehicle is inspired by the letter Q and also, in its operation the cars move in the form of a QUEUE when all these vehicles will drive on the road in an organized manner.

It’s very difficult to turn around on Indian streets or take a U-turn, but what if we just turn the vehicle around on its axis? For such rotation we don’t require much of space even if we are stuck in a narrow one. This is the big idea behind the design of our car, where the oval pod can turn around on its axis. In our study of the Indian traffic scenario we found that we have a need for an autonomous vehicle to avoid congestion or simply just to remove the control from the human’s intervention in the flow of traffic.

This vehicle is our solution for public mobility which will provide the last-mile connectivity in support of existing infrastructure. That means on every metro/bus stop they will be in a Queue of Q-Cars where people can hop on-hop off. These vehicles will run in a closed environment like congested areas where any other vehicle will be kept out of this defined domain and just Q car will play its role.

The vehicle can occupy 2 people as it will give more flexibility to control the vehicle and to reduce the number of stops which will provide a better user experience. More number of people will increase the stop time which may lead to delays. Q-Car will provide the functionality of a car without having to own one, perfectly suited for a daily ride to work, schools, and colleges, provide safer transportation for children, women and elderly peoples.

Inspiration for contributing to the project courtesy Banker 3D Works

This project precisely embodies the vision behind commissioning India’s largest 3D printer by us. Ideas which used to be merely at a concept level are now possible, and we are glad to be contributors in pushing the National horizons. We are always looking forward to more such challenges and milestones. E-mail your enquiries to

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