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Transforming Cranioplasty with 3D Printing

Cranioplasty is the surgical fix of a bone imperfection in the skull that is left behind after a past operation or accident. A bone graft from elsewhere in the body or a synthetic material may be used to repair defects or gaps in the cranial (skull) bones.


Designing of missing part

Missing part of the skull is designed by CAD Modelling softwares by taking the mirror image of the other side.

Making of missing part

To generate the missing part of the skull bone we need to design a mold for casting of that part.

Designing of Molds:

3D Printed Molds

Casting the part in Operation Threatre


Benefits of using 3D Printing

  • Aesthetic results
  • Time saving
  • Safe

Ritu contributes to Aha as an Application Engineer, figuring out optimal ways of providing solutions for the ever increasing applications of 3D Printing. She has developed an expertise in Medical 3D Printing.