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The AceMask

The AceMask

Welcome to a revolutionary way for personal protection, proudly designed and made in India, for the world!

Unlike every other mask out there, you don’t discard the AceMask after use. It is based on replaceable filter cartridge concept. Just change the filter cartridge after its service life is over, and you mask is effective as new! And the fact that the AceMask is the coolest looking accessory in town doesn’t hurt 🙂

Click below and order now to experience this product. We sincerely hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

National Representatives

Get your AceMask and refill cartridges from one of our channel partners near you!

Map of AceMask Dealers

❶ Delhi/NCR

Mr. Avikshit Saras: Ph. 09896500090

I Print My Things – 3D Printing

Division of Orient Leisure,

Dharuhera Industrial Estate,

Rewari – 123106.

❷ Udaipur

Dr. Sangya Sharma

Eva Dental Clinic

13, Mayur Van Colony

Hiran Magri, Udaipur 313002

❸ North Karnataka

Mr. Prabhu Ligadi

Credence Diagnostic Systems

42, Shop1, Vijaynagar Extension,

Hubballi 580032 Karnataka

Product introduction video by the creator

Frequently asked questions

How long can I use the filter?

Long story short – you can reuse a filter upto 5 days, assuming a daily use of 8 hours.

For a detailed answer, please read Page 5 of this information booklet (click here).

I need to inhale harder while using the mask. What's wrong?

Nothing, really. The melt blown fabric inside the blue filter cartridge (MBL5PL95N) has sub-micron pores, and it requires some effort to pull air through this filter. Don’t worry, this very layer is protecting you from the harmful virus particles!

You also have the option of using our Anti-pollution yellow filter cartridge (PP3PL25G) with the AceMask. Since it does not include the Melt blown fabric layer, inhaling will be softer. Just know that it isn’t giving you as good a protection as the MBL5PL95N cartridge.

Can I wash the filter and reuse it?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Do it only if you must. The melt blown fabric layer has tiny pores which block the harmful particles. They tend to get ineffective upon washing.

The best way to reuse the filter is, let it rest for 72 hours or more. The virus is effectively incapacitated in this duration, and you can reuse the filter up to 5 times this way.

I see fog building up in the mask when i exhale. What's wrong?

Again, its alright. It happens when there is a significant temperature difference between our exhaled air and the surroundings. The exhaled air is naturally laden with water vapour, which condenses when it comes in contact with the colder surface of the mask.

It is just like fogging of the windshield of a car. Keep using your mask confidently, the fog is not affecting the protectiveness of the mask in any way.

How can I sterilize the mask?

To sterilize, first, remove the filter, then do one of the following:

a) Dip the mask in hot soapy water for two minutes, followed by rinsing in clear water.

b) If you are in a healthcare setting, you can autoclave the mask.

c) You can wipe the surface of the mask with a tissue dipped in IsoPropyl Alcohol, or another effective sanitizing solution.

d) If you have a steamer handy, the mask can be steamed for upto 10 minutes for effective germicidal action.


Press Release

Title: Introducing the AceMask

Date: 27 July 2020

Place: Jaipur

Aha 3D Innovations Private Limited, a Jaipur based SME has created a reusable mask with replaceable filters, which cost less than 10% of regular N95 masks, while giving the user the highest level of safety. This mask is a patent-pending innovation, fully developed and made in India.

The mask is fully transparent and made of soft, flexible medical-grade compound. It effectively seals the edges, and allows air to enter only through the filter pad. It is soft on the wearer’s face and gives complete protection, unlike all other fabric-based masks, which have no real control on entry and exit of air from the edges of the masks.

The transparency of the mask is much appreciated by doctors and public services personnel, because facial expressions play a vital role in empathetic communication between humans, which was taken away by opaque masks.

Conventional N95 masks are costly, which force the user to reuse them by washing etc. However, washing impacts their filtration properties very adversely, and they no longer remain fit to filter out the miniscule viral particles. After some time, such masks cause more harm than good, because of placebo effect of pseudo-protection. However, in the case of AceMask, since the filter cartridge costs less than a tenth of a conventional mask, the user just replaces the filter with a new one once the service life of the filter is over, and keeps their protection level to the maximum.

At only 40 grams, the mask is very light in weight can can be worn throughout the day. Moreover, since the nose and the mouth do not touch the inside of the face, the user feels comfortable while interacting with others while using the mask.

The filters are 5-ply construction, and feature a melt-blown fabric layer which gives the highest protection to the user. It is Certified by SITRA (an ICMR-approved body) for safety and filtration efficiency. The mask is also certified as a CE-PPE equipment, and the facility where the masks are being produced is ISO-13485 certified medical devices facility.

Since the mask itself is fully reusable, it helps protect the environment by minimizing the amount of discarded material.

We cannot predict how long the COVID-19 pandemic is here to stay, but the AceMask equips the people by bringing quality protection well within the common man’s affordability. It also does away with lots of disadvantages posed by conventional masks as noted above, all this while being environmentally friendly in the most suitable way. It is now available for supply to individuals and institutional channels.


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The AceMask Brochure


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Making of the AceMask

Here is a pdf of behind-the-scenes details of what went into making the AceMask.

AceMask Chronicles

The AceMask Chronicles