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Careers at Aha3D

Do you know what’s cool?

Making 3D printers!

Do you know what’s cooler?

Making 3D printers while living in one of the best cities in the world!

Do you know what is coolest?

Making them while having fun and learning new things daily and while creating India’s technology history, with the most dedicated and result-oriented people around!

We, the folks here at Aha3D together make it a lovely and lively workplace, where we cherish the work that we do, and where we cherish the learning that we receive from each other. We believe in creating India’s technology history, which we have demonstrated time and again. For the people who are going to be one of us – we look forward to welcome you on-board to an exciting future!

The following applies in common to all job opportunities:

Core competencies:

  • Fundamentally motivated to create new products
  • Ready and willing to dive in all kinds of work and “get the job done”
  • Result-oriented
  • Continuous learner
  • Sensitivity to company’s and team’s targets
  • Ability to work within deadlines
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Ability to respond fast to inputs
  • Ability to work systematically and in processes, and define new ones

Known mismatches:

Over the course of our journey so far, we have identified the some known mismatches. We’re listing them out here for everybody’s convenience. Candidates with following preferences will not be able to fit in the work culture and company environment:

  • Candidates who don’t appreciate cross-disciplinary exposure and deliverables.
  • Candidates who prefer to work in strongly-defined work boundaries.
  • Candidates unwilling to deal with ambiguous situations/challenges of a small team.
  • Candidates who have not demonstrated initiative and activity (failure doesn’t matter here), in the field they wish to find a job with us.
  • Candidates who don’t have a deep interest/understanding on any one topic in this world.

What does not matter:

We don’t give a hoot to:

  • The marks awarded to you by the education system.
  • Your past failures.
  • Your future failures.


If you believe we can have a professional future together, we suggest you do this right away!

  1. Compile all that you are proud of – project or product videos, pics, your special achievements etc on Google Drive/Dropbox/any other file sharing platform.
  2. Send an email to us at, with the link to the material above, and your CV.
  3. Know that we want to know what you’re passionate about, what you’ve done so far, your failures, your learning, etc. We want to listen to all that makes you a technology creator. Help us find that out for yourself!
  4. We are NOT interested in receiving a plain old CV with run-of-the-mill wordings. We never know who you are, looking at your CV. Depending upon the number of emails that we get, “personality-less” emails are likely to get filtered out first of all!