Cartilage Model Story

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The idea emerged when Dr. Samarth Gupta (Plastic Surgeon, SMS Hospital) shared this article with us for making cartilage model for ear reconstruction:

This was something very exciting and new for us.

Actually, Doctors use cartilage of the patient for the reconstruction of the ear. This is a one shot task. So they needed a realistic model for the cartilage to practice the carving of ear before performing it on the patient’s actual cartilage.

So, we needed to make the cartilage model using any flexible material to make it realistic.

Target: Making a realistic model of cartilage.


  1. Loading the sample data of CT Chest in 3d slicer.

  1. Segmenting the region of interest.

  1. Cropping areas other than cartilage.

  1. Exporting the file in .stl format.

  1. Opening the file in meshmixer for further procedure.
  2. Smoothening of file to make it easier for mould making procedure.


  1. Offsetting of model for 2 mm.
  1. Making it a two part mould.

  1. Now open netfabb for welding of sides of the mould.

  1. Final mould

  1. Using the mould to make a cartilage model.
  1. Using glue gun: Using glue gun to fill glue in the mould. It is a less expensive method.
  2. Using silicone: Using silicone to fill in the mould. We can have a range of hardness while using silicone.
  1. After pouring the material in the mould, we need to wait to set it properly.
  2. After setting, we need to remove the moulds to get the model.
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