PC999 Production Flow

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Production Flow

This article will guide you to the process involved in the production of ProtoCentre999 and its related documentation needed.

Refer to the bill of materials to ensure the parts are available before you start the production. BOM for pc999 is here:



Next, a physical file is created and maintained for each machine manufactured. It has the following leaflets:

3D printer specification

This document is the first of all and includes the following contents

3D printer spec sheet

  • Unique Machine serial number
  • Also mention other specifications

Assembly Checklist

This is the post-production checklist for the machine to ensure the quality and reliability of the machine after production.

Testing checklist

After this, the machine is working and ready to make prints out of it and to check the quality of the prints consult to this document.

testing checklist

Shipment and packing checklist

After approval from the testing procedure below document is the list and process to pack the machine and its related material with it



Installation and commissioning checklist

Follow this checklist during installation and commissioning at the field.

Installation and commissioning checklist

Acknowledgment of training

Format of the letter:


This letter will be signed by the customer after they receive the training.

Service reports

For every service done, the report will be attached here.

Format of service report:


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