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Our Team

He describes himself as a curious guy with a tooth for logic, and sufficient perseverance. He has steered Aha 3D on the path of sustained technology leadership right since its inception.

He graduated from NIT Jaipur in 2002 with a Gold medal in Electronics and Communication Engineering, and worked for several renowned firms prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

Kaushal is in the Aha3D team since 2013, and takes care of any and all admin and finance related work. Over time, she developed an interest in 3D printing and decided to give 3D printing services a shot. To our delight, there were many more ready takers for 3D printed parts than there were for 3D printers, so Aha3D’s own tiny 3D printing services wing took off. Under the able management of Kaushal, we’re now offering customers 3D printing services of upto 3 cubic meter sized parts from our latest printers!

Akshay prides himself to be a continuous learner, an opportunity which he amply finds at the work at Aha 3D. He possesses an in-depth knowledge of mechanical design concepts.

Being a 2nd Runner-up in National Level Go-Karting Championship and a key member of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), his key strength lies in learning new concepts and using them in his daily job of design and development of new Aha products.

With three years of experience in the world of Aha3D, Rakesh is the guy aware of all the ins-and-outs of our 3D Printers. A single glance at a problem is mostly enough for him to figure out its root cause, thus making him a primary member of the go to team for technical guidance.

He’s usually found in a more than focused state, concentrating on the next step of our continual innovation.

Abhijeet is the CAD guy at Aha, creating the first instance of every machine we manufacture. A fun-loving mechanical engineer from Pune, he usually goes for work marathons, giving almost insignificant attention to sleep.

Ayushman is our very own amiable, affable and ever-approachable software development engineer. He graduated from MNIT, Jaipur as a Civil Engineer, and joined L&T prior to joining the Aha team. Like many of us, he found his calling very different than his formal education and “textbook-example” job profile!

Look for Ayushman’s signature all over the user interfaces, machine management software and message popups that you find in Aha machines!

Ritu, an MNIT Jaipur graduate in Computer Science Engineering, contributes to Aha as an Application Engineer, figuring out optimal ways of providing solutions for the ever increasing applications of 3D Printing. She has developed an expertise in Medical 3D Printing. Read about her work on medical case studies on our blog!

She is also behind the creative endeavours at Aha, from case studies and content creation, to Human Resource Management.

Anjali is an Electronics and Electrical Engineer from Banasthali Vidyapeeth and joined us as an intern back in 2018. From that point on, she has spearheaded our Embedded Systems, given her insistence to dwell into depths of every subject she studies. Anjali is the part of our go to team in case of any technical difficulty.

She is otherwise an artist, and In her leisure time, she has created many beautiful glass paintings on transparent 3D prints!

Purushottam, with a diploma in electronics, and a never ending thirst for learning, he’s our on-field guy for every sort of troubleshooting, installation, and customer support demands. He specialises in Electronics and Hardware and is ever-ready for a trip or trek.

Aranya looking after the print services, Rakesh, the inventory manager, Mahesh, the logistics guy and Pappu, the electrician comprise of the missing pieces of the puzzle, implicitly affecting the efficiency at the workplace.