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Customised 3D Printers

We are open to customisation of our products to suit your needs!

Large 3D Printing Services

We deliver 3D printed models made with a plethora of materials!

In-time Production

Being an on-order manufacturer, gives us the ability to be on time, and on target.

Quality Products

With continual innovation, we meet your standards, alongside your budgets!

3D Printing Services

Don’t have a 3D Printable Model yet? Try these:

Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory, Yeggi, GrabCAD

Get yours now!

You may upload your own 3D Models in suitable file types, and we'll get back to you shortly!

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    3D Printer

    From a range of printers with prints as accurate as 0.5mm to build volumes as large as 3 cubic metres!