polyvinyl alcohol(PVA)

polyvinyl alcohol(PVA)


  • Thermoplastic.
  • Silky material.
  • Low friction coefficient so it is ideal for moving parts.
  • High tensile strength. (we can give example of nylon rope which has exceptional tensile strength)
  • Hygroscopic so nylon 12 is favourable as compared to nylon 6 since nylon 12 is less sensitive to moisture as compared to nylon 6.
  • Due to water absorption properties, we can dye nylon for interesting results.
  • Have to store your nylon spool in an airtight bag with desiccant to avoid it from moisture absorption.
  • If you are getting an uneven finish quality or even popping during printing then you will need to dry it out.


Printing Parameters

  • Nozzle temperature: 260 ± 10 ⁰C
  • Bed temperature: 120 ⁰C
  • Speed: 25-27 mm/s
  • Chamber: Closed
  • Adhesion: PVA Glue Stick required for first layer adhesion because it is prone to warping if you don’t use the right surface for adhesion.
  • Always dry it before use.


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  • High performance machine parts (buckles, gears etc.)
  • High performance tools
  • Living hinges